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Who is Masako
Masako says, “I want to tell LOVE and Peace through the stories. I want to connect with each hearts through the stories. I do love children’s sparkling eyes when they are fascinated with story. They give much energy to storyteller. Also, the Voice has the power making energy between teller and audience. Japanese ancient people believed KOTODAMA-the power of the word. I am the one of storytellers too, who believe the big power of the STORY.”

Compact Disc

Masako heart full story time
(Released 2000 by Kawabe Children′s Club & Office Sueyoshi)

Ohanashi to asobo
(Released 2002 by Yokohama Rokuon Tosho –Audio Library-Inc.)

Ohanashi to asobo
(2001 by Isseisha Publishers, Inc.)
("Ohanashi to asobo" means "Let’s play with the stories", which is an audience partcipation guidebook including 11 stories.)

Ohanashi to asobo 2
(2005 by Isseisha Publishers, Inc.)
(This is tandem storytelling guidebook with Margaret Read Macdonald including 10 stories)

Mukashi-banashi world E Yokoso
(2005 by Isseisha Publishers, Inc.)
("Welcome to the world of folktale" including 20 stories)

Storytelling Nyumon [Storyteller's Start-up Book] by Margaret Read MacDonald
(2006 by Isseisha, Publishers, inc. translation with Yukari Sueyoshi)

 Masako Sueyoshi masakosueyoshi@yahoo.co.jp
 Photo Gallery
 Movie 1 (YouTube): Yamamba Story
 Movie 2 (YouTube): The Ghost Who Came to Buy Candy
 Movie 3 (YouTube): Hen and Cockroach
picture of masako
picture of masako